T WCTP2014

WCTP 2014 — Workshop on Computation: Theory and Practice—
October 6 — 7, 2014, Century Park Hotel, Manila, the Philippines
Satellite Workshop: October 3, 2014, University of the Philippines Cebu


"The best theory is inspired by practice. The best practice is inspired by theory."
—Donald Knuth

Computation should be a good blend of theory and practice. Researchers in the field should create algorithms to address real world problems putting equal weight to analysis and implementation. Experimentation and simulation can be viewed as yielding to refined theories or improved applications. WCTP 2014 is the fourth workshop organized by the Tokyo Institute of Technology, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research-Osaka University, University of the Philippines-Diliman and De La Salle University-Manila that is devoted to theoretical and practical approaches to computation. It aims to present the latest developments by theoreticians and practitioners in academe and industry working to address computational problems that can directly impact the way we live in society.

WCTP 2014 will feature presentations of prominent researchers as well as presentations of research papers selected by members of its Program Committee who come from highly distinguished institutions in Japan and the Philippines. Their expert knowledge and years of research experience will certainly provide high quality reviews that future submissions can benefit from.

WCTP 2014 also aims to be a venue for experts in academe and industry to gather and discuss possibilities of establishing research networks and joint research projects.

For this year, the workshop will be held at De La Salle University-Manila.